Doctor Octopus: Metal Tentacle

Control robot octopus, battle superheroes, in shooting action RPG adventure 

Step into the shoes of the infamous mad scientist, Doctor Octopus, and unleash chaos in the heart of New York City! 

Play as Doctor Octopus in an action-packed RPG adventure. 

Explore New York City with colossal robotic tentacles at your command. 

Engage in epic battles against Marvel superheroes, including Spider-Man, Sandman, Electro, and Venom. 

Utilize a variety of guns and shooting powers, controlled by Doctor Octopus’s tentacles. 

Collect valuable items and uncover secrets as you scale buildings and traverse the city. 

Upgrade Doctor Octopus’s abilities, guns, and customize his appearance with unique skins. 

Immerse yourself in a mix of RPG, shooting, and survival gameplay. 

Enjoy intuitive joystick and tapping controls for seamless gameplay. 

Dive into the world of a supervillain as you challenge heroes and foes alike. 

Experience the thrill of facing off against iconic characters in the Marvel universe.