EatSmol 1

Ocean Evolution

Refine your microbe creations through epic clashes with real players worldwide.

Embark on the Spore evolution fun!

Create your own unique Spore critters with a versatile set of settings, a variety of body parts, and a spectrum of color options.




Evolutionary Wonders: 

Create unique biologic creatures with customizable body parts and color options. 

Explore a mini open-world environment filled with microscopic creatures to hunt. 

Evolve and unlock upgrades to progress through underwater, surface, and air stages. 

Strategically place unicellular horns on your creature to attack enemies and devour them. 

Intuitive joystick controls for smooth navigation. 


Thrilling Evolutionary Adventure!

Choose from a myriad of planets teeming with microbe life, engage in intense competition with peculiar inhabitants, and strive to emerge as the ultimate microbe champion! 

Refine your microbe creations through epic clashes with real players worldwide. Showcase the invincibility of your ingenious microbe designs and establish dominance in the global arena! 

Survival becomes the essence of the game as you navigate through the intricate ecosystem, refining your skills as a predator. Hunt strategically, focusing on smaller creatures to fuel your evolution, all the while staying vigilant to avoid becoming prey. 

The dynamic balance between predator and prey introduces an exhilarating challenge to your journey, turning each move into a calculated step towards dominance. Navigate the open world with cunning precision, allowing the evolutionary adventure to unfold as you ascend the ranks of the predatory hierarchy.