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Doctor Octopus

Dive into the world of “Doctor Octopus: Metal Tentacle,” where you become the infamous mad scientist!

Experience action-packed RPG adventures, battling police and Marvel heroes.

Doctor Octopus transforms with colossal metal tentacles, creating an epic clash between superhero and supervillain.

Control him, upgrade abilities, and enjoy this ultimate Marvel gaming experience






Become Doctor Octopus in “Metal Tentacle”!

Dive into an exhilarating adventure where the notorious genius transforms with colossal robotic tentacles, taking on city police and Marvel superheroes.


Doctor Octopus Takes NYC by Storm! Witness the thrilling clash as Doctor Octopus morphs into a destructive kraken with monstrous metal tentacles, dominating the city’s perilous terrain.


“Metal Tentacle” – The Ultimate Marvel Experience!

Immerse yourself in a blend of action, RPG, and Marvel magic. Brace for hours of captivating gameplay as you navigate the perilous streets of NYC.


Conquer Marvel Heroes as Doctor Octopus!

Take control with intuitive controls, scale buildings with robotic appendages, and engage in intense battles armed with a vast array of guns. Each confrontation promises a pulse-pounding showdown.


Upgrade, Customize, and Conquer!

Progress through the game, unlock upgrades, and unique firearms, and customize Doctor Octopus with skins. Tailor your villain to your playstyle for an addictive and personalized gaming experience.


 “Metal Tentacle” – Dive into Marvel’s Intriguing Villainy!

It’s not just a game; it’s an immersive journey into the world of one of Marvel’s most intriguing villains. Are you ready to join the ranks of supervillains and challenge iconic Marvel heroes?


Embark on an Adventure Like No Other!

Prepare for a gaming adventure that transcends the ordinary. Download “Metal Tentacle” now and prove your mettle against Marvel’s iconic heroes!