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Shoot it: Soccer Kick

Play ‘Shoot it: Soccer Kick,’ the ultimate mobile game for soccer fans! Aim, kick, and score goals in diverse locations, overcoming obstacles like human walls. With easy controls, challenge yourself and enjoy epic goals!


Soccer Adventure Awaits!

Embark on an exciting soccer journey as you step into the shoes of a skilled player. Your mission: aim, kick, and score the perfect goal to prove your skills.

Explore Diverse Fields!

“Shoot it: Soccer Kick” offers more than just soccer – dive into thrilling environments, from sandy beaches to wild jungles. Each field brings a unique challenge, keeping the game exciting.

Face the Human Walls!

Encounter obstacles like human walls trying to block your shots and goals. Can you navigate through defenses, find the perfect angle, and shoot past obstacles? Test your accuracy and timing for epic goals.

Headline 4: Easy Fun, Anytime!

With simple controls and addictive gameplay, “Shoot it: Soccer Kick” is perfect for quick, fun sessions or extended play. Challenge yourself to master penalty kicks and experience the thrill of scoring goals in captivating environments.