Backflip Diving (Case study, marketing strategy, and monetization plan)

Campaign Goals:

  • Decrease CPI
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Increase eCPM
  • Increase income
  • Increase installs

Improvement of several factors to achieve better metrics in user acquisition test

1- Edit Screenshots And Feature Graphic

The previous screenshots had a cold tint. While the new screenshots are prepared from the interesting parts of the game, which have special effects and elements of the game and explore clearer raw gameplay of this hypercasual mobile game. This edit leads to reach lower CPI in UA campaign.

changing Screenshot and feature graphics of game case study

2- Put A Trailer In The Google Play Page

Previously the google play page of this sport mobile game did not have a trailer, by putting the trailer which shows the best selection of game scenes with related visual effects on the gameplay. This edit improved conversion rate of install from google play page.

3- Change The Game Icon

The previous icon could not describe the game well. For this reason, the game icon was changed. In a way that describes the game play beautifully and clearly. This change improved CPI.

case study: optimizing Icon of the game

4- Optimization Of Description And Keywords

By performing ASO strategies, as well as checking the short description and complete description of competitors and similar games, we checked keyword traffic and selected the best ones, so the description text was optimized, finally, the search results and store listing acquisition improved. Improving google play page description leads to organic user growth.

Some main steps of keyword optimization in ASO are:

  • Find hundreds of relative keywords to the core gameplay concept
  • Check ASO parameters of keywords such as traffic, difficulty, density, …
  • Test and check the histogram of keywords in analytic tools such as sensor tower and mobile action
  • Selection of the best keywords based on test results using search score, chance, difficulty score, app quantity, rank, and track AI.

5- Design More Attractive Video Creatives

One of the things we did in producing new creatives was to get on the trends, including using the trending kinds of music and scenarios on social media.  This causes an increase in CTR and a decrease in CPI.

6- Implementation And Testing Of Multiple Ad Mediations ( For Monetization)

We compared Impression and eCPM monetization between Admob and Appodeal, and it turned out that we succeeded in improving our eCPM by 7 times using Admob instead of Appodeal, and it caused an increase in our income, which got 6 times better than before!

In this way, using Admob, we tried all kinds of video and banner ads, including Interstitials and rewarded ads. We used the remote config to switch between the two ad mediations.

We are currently planning also to test IronSource in the following steps.

We also interacted with the production team, according to the implementation of SDKs in the game.

Screenshot 2023 01 23 100536 768x266 1
Screenshot 2023 01 23 100446 768x660 1

7- Change Ad Networks To Improve The User Acquisition Campaign

After using Google ads to the acquisition of users and gain a huge number of impressions, we planned to use other ad networks and narrow down the target audience related to the genre.

8- Add “No Ads” As An IAP Package

According to the LTV goals and as a start for the IAP plan, we started implementing “the No Ads” package in the game and tracking how players interact with it to improve the monetization of an arcade mobile game.

9- Optimize The Name Of The Game  And Change the UI

Changing the name of the game based on traffic and keywords, bring about better exploration in the play store as a part of the ASO strategy. Also, the UI of the game was updated to a new name.

10- Target Profitable Countries In The User Acquisition Test

As a UA and LTV test, we choose more profitable countries that have lower CPI and higher eCPM with the right attribution. To perform this improvement we looked at the countries in tier 2 and tier 3 based on the mobile eCPM report of Appodeal.


In conclusion according to the several upgrades in marketing strategy, production, App store, and creatives, should expect a remarkable improvement in the results of the tests and boost the UA and monetization flow through the soft launch plan.

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