Working on ‘Cosmic Combatant’ is cool.

1- The primary elements of game design ideation that have been fed into AI

Genre: Simulation

Environment: Space

Goal: remove all enemies

Rules: limited inventory

2- The environment that is generated by AI

DreamShaper v7 an environment of space for mobile games with s 0


an environment of space for mobile games with some enemies for hypercasual games that has spectacular views


Tiny cute isometric character isometric Genre Simulation Env 1 1


3- The characters that are generated by AI

image 7


image 2 1


Tiny cute isometric character rusty robot without legs living 0


4- The GDD (Game Design Document) that is generated by AI

Cosmic Combatant: Hypercasual Space Shooter

Genre: Hypercasual Simulation

Platform: Mobile (iOS and Android)

Target Audience: Casual gamers seeking an easy-to-play space-themed game with a Star Wars-inspired twist.

Concept: “Galactic Battlefront” is a hypercasual mobile game that plunges players into an immersive space environment reminiscent of the Star Wars universe. In this game, players must eliminate all enemy threats while adhering to the rule of limited inventory.

Gameplay Overview:

Objective: The primary objective is to engage in epic space battles and clear the galaxy of enemy threats while managing a limited inventory effectively.

Core Mechanics:

  1. Star Wars-Inspired Space Environment:
    • Players embark on a journey through a visually stunning and dynamic space environment, reminiscent of iconic Star Wars settings.
  2. Enemy Types and Iconic Ships:
    • Players encounter various enemy types, including enemy spacecraft, menacing starfighters, and colossal space stations, all inspired by the Star Wars universe.
    • Iconic ships and characters from the Star Wars franchise make cameo appearances, adding to the game’s nostalgia.
  3. Limited Inventory and Power-Ups:
    • Players must strategically manage their inventory, which includes weapons, shields, and power-ups, to overcome formidable foes.
    • Collect power-ups that mimic famous Star Wars abilities and gadgets.
  4. Tap-to-Blast Controls:
    • The game features intuitive tap-to-shoot controls, allowing players to engage in thrilling space battles with ease.


  • The game comprises multiple levels set in diverse Star Wars-inspired environments, each with escalating challenges.
  • Completing levels unlocks new weapons, power-ups, and iconic Star Wars ships for players to pilot.


  • Immersive and cinematic graphics bring the Star Wars-inspired space environment to life.
  • Recognizable Star Wars locations, ships, and characters provide a nostalgic atmosphere.


  • An epic soundtrack, reminiscent of Star Wars music, enhances the galactic battle experience.
  • Iconic Star Wars sound effects, such as blaster shots and spaceship engine roars, contribute to the game’s authenticity.


  • The game can be monetized through ads, offering players the option to watch ads for extra inventory space, power-ups, or to unlock exclusive Star Wars content.
  • In-app purchases may provide unique Star Wars-themed cosmetic items, legendary starships, and character skins.


“Galactic Battlefront” offers a hypercasual gaming experience that brings the excitement of the Star Wars universe to players’ fingertips. With its engaging tap-to-shoot controls, limited inventory challenge, and nostalgic Star Wars elements, the game promises to captivate both casual gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts, making it an enticing addition to the hypercasual gaming market.

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