Working on ‘Wild Desert Rider’ is cool.

The game starts with a cowboy hearing about hidden gold in the desert. Excited, he sets out on a dangerous journey and battles robbers along the way.

1- The primary elements of game design ideation that have been fed into AI:

Genre: shooter

Environment: Wild west

Goal: Survival

Rules: Timed

2- The environment that is generated by AI:



RPG 40 give me an environment for western and hypercasual mobi 0 1


RPG 40 give me an isometric big hero in the western era in low 0


3- The characters that are generated by AI:

Leonardo Diffusion A new Western hero with lightningfast refle 2




4- The guns that are generated by AI:

RPG 40 old pistol for western era low poly 0


RPG 40 old pistol for western era low poly 1


RPG 40 old pistol low poly 1


5- The UI that is generated by AI:

2207 w032 n002 560b p1 560

6 – The GDD (Game Design Document) that is generated by AI

1. Concept:

  • Title: Wild Desert Rider
  • Genre: Action-Adventure
  • Concept: An action-packed mobile game set in the Wild West, where players step into the boots of a lone cowboy on a quest to find hidden gold. Along the way, they must confront ruthless bandits in a deadly showdown.

2. Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Controls: Touch-based controls for movement, shooting, and interacting with objects.
  • Character: Play as the lone cowboy with a customizable appearance and weapons.
  • Exploration: Navigate through desert landscapes, ghost towns, and caves to discover clues and hidden treasures.
  • Combat: Engage in shootouts with bandits, utilizing cover, aiming, and quick reflexes.
  • Resource Management: Manage ammunition and health items for survival.
  • Puzzles: Solve environmental puzzles to progress and unlock secret paths.

3. Art and Design:

  • Visual Style: Realistic 3D graphics with a gritty Wild West aesthetic, including detailed desert environments and character models.
  • Character Design: Design a rugged cowboy protagonist with customizable outfits and weapons.
  • Environments: Explore vast desert landscapes, abandoned ghost towns, and mysterious caves.
  • Sound: Atmospheric soundtrack and immersive sound effects enhance the Western atmosphere.

4. Levels and Progression:

  • Story-Driven: Linear progression with a narrative-driven storyline.
  • Hidden Gold: Players must follow clues and solve puzzles to locate the hidden gold stash.
  • Bandit Showdowns: Face off against increasingly challenging bandit gangs in epic shootouts.
  • Multiple Endings: The game offers multiple endings based on player choices throughout the story.
  • Free-to-Play: The game is free to download with optional in-app purchases for cosmetic items and power-ups.

5. Scenario:

  • Introduction: The game begins with the lone cowboy hearing rumors of hidden gold buried in the treacherous desert. Intrigued by the potential fortune, he embarks on a perilous journey.
  • Exploration: Players explore the vast desert, solving puzzles, and collecting clues that lead them closer to the hidden gold.
  • Bandit Showdowns: Along the way, the cowboy encounters ruthless bandits guarding the treasure. Shootout sequences challenge the player’s skills in aiming and taking cover.
  • Discovery: As the cowboy gets closer to the hidden gold, he uncovers the truth behind its mysterious history and the reasons the bandits are so desperate to protect it.
  • Multiple Endings: Depending on the player’s choices throughout the game, there are multiple endings, including finding the gold and deciding its fate.

Wild Desert Rider” offers players an immersive Wild West adventure filled with exploration, shootouts, and a gripping storyline as they follow the lone cowboy’s quest for hidden treasure in the unforgiving desert.

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